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  • Can we reduce society maintenance cost by adopting Automated RFID based gate automation solution?

    For any Gated Community below are common concerns How can we stop entering non-residents’ vehicles in a society ? How to stop Noise pollution near Entry and Exit gate ? How to track In and out record of vehicles in a society ? How to track water tanker or regular vendor vehicle entry and exit timings ? All above questions are answered by one given below solution that is UHF RFID based gate automation system. We place RFID Card reader near Entry & Exit gate along with parking boom barrier which opens and closes automatically whenever UHF Tagged vehicles come in the specified range of reader and vehicle movement & time gets registered. This solution gives seamless entry to authorized residents ‘vehicle and keep a break on unauthorized vehicle. Boom barrier can be opened from remote button during guest entry. Boom barrier comes with LED light which turns red when it is in closed state and green when open. Boom barrier opens and closes within 6 seconds which helps to reduce the honking and prevents from noise pollution. Can we reduce society maintenance cost by adopting Automated RFID based gate automation in a gated community ? Yes, In any bigger society we always see there are 3-4 security guards at main gate to manage the entry of residents or visitor or delivery guys and specially one designated security guard day and night, two shift to open and close the gate, so with this solution you can save approx.. 30K per month , a cost of security guard and become a smart society. This solution is built for outdoor purpose hence requires very less maintenance. If you would like to understand more about the solution for your society then please reach out to us at or call @ 9902670055.

  • Are you worried of your pet crying when you are away from him/her ?

    We have come up with an innovative solution to keep your pet happy while you are away.. It can be achieved via two way audio communication camera where you can talk to your pet as well as watch him/her from remote location. Use case: Mr. Rajasekar Reddy from Koramangala , Bangalore reached out to us figuring out any good two way audio communication solution with video option, and they mentioned that they want to talk to their pet dog “SCOOBY” when they are away from him. We understood the problem and had installed two way communication EZVIZ camera for the same. In initial 2-3 days it took some time for "SCOOBY" to find out from where the owner’s voice is coming from without seeing him around but after couple of days he started getting adjusted with this solution. Now Mr. Rajasekar sir goes out happily and having peace of mind. This type of solution is applicable for pet day care center as well. Please contact us at or call us @ 91-9902670055.

  • Hikvision PIR Sensor cameras: Solution for Camera with Intrusion alarm

    Hikvision has come up with new PIR detection cameras with following options: PIR detection with Strobe light alarm, PIR detection Strobe light alarm and alarm output, PIR detection Siren alarm, PIR detection siren alarm and alarm output . These cameras work with AcuSense DVR which has inbuild AI which differentiate from non living objects from Human and vehicles.

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  • 4 Channel Lighting Module-confio-homeautomation|

    Confio 4 Channel Lighting Module Home Automation Confio 4 Channel Lighting Module MRP: 0000 OUR PRICE: Rs-0000* ​ Contact us for details Technical Specification Input Power Supply: 100VAC-240VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz Wireless Networking: Z-Wave Dimension: 45mm x 45mm x 16mm Wireless Frequency: 865.22MHz for India. EU/USA Frequency available Operating Temperature: -10°C to +65°C Max Load: LED-150 Watts (max 10 nos) Incandescent-1000 watts Inductive-200 Watts Wireless Range: Up to 30m indoors Up to 50m Outdoor Lights and Appliances: Incandescent bulbs, CFL, LED lamps, Heaters, Fans, air-conditioners, fridges and other utility appliances etc. ​ Convert any switch to a smart switch Our amazingly small 4 channel relay module that goes behind your existing switch will upgrade it into a smart switch. Now you can wirelessly control your lights from a mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Remote control through App Complete peace of mind when you are away from home. No more worries if you left a device switched on. Access and control your home from anywhere. Voice assistant Our system integrates with voice assistants like Alexa and google home, enabling you to control your lights and devices with simple voice commands. Command like a boss. Pamper yourself Now you have the power to control the switch anywhere in the home without leaving the couch. You deserve the uninterrupted time with yourself. Home is alive even when you are away A dark home is an invitation for theft, let this not bother you anymore while you are away. Turn ON lights from anywhere with your mobile or schedule your lights to go ON automatically every day. Enjoy your vacation. ​

  • U1096-essl-lock-accessory|

    eSSL U1096 Lock Accessory, Bolt Lock & Brackets, Electric Bolt lock bracket eSSL U1096 MRP: 0000 OUR PRICE: Rs-0000* ​ Contact us for details Technical Specification Glass Thickness: 9-15 mm Dimension: 90 X 51 X 25.5 mm Material: Aluminium Finishing: Anodized finish Features Suitable for glass thickness: 9-15mm Dimensions: 90mm x 51mm x 25.5mm (L*W*D) Construction: stainless steel plate Anodized finish eSSL U1096 Bolt locks are recommended for high security interior door and cabinet applications where electromagnetic locks are not required. Bolt locks include long life solenoid driven direct throw mortise bolts. Compatible with virtually any access control system, electromechanical Bolt locks are available in fail safe and fail secure modes. The stainless steel bolt projects at right angles to the lock mechanism. Bolt locks security is greater and installation in old or new construction is fast, easy and economical.

  • L BRACKET-essl-lock-accessory|

    L Bracket / Door Bracket eSSL L BRACKET Contact us for details Technical Specification Dimensions: (L x W x D)250mm x 48mm x 30mm (L*W*D) Finishing: Anodized finish Open Mode: 90 Door Material: Zinc Bracket Type: L Shaped Suitable for: In/Out-swing Door Net Weight: 0.242kg Features Used for EM-LOCK SUPPORT on WALL or fall Celling. These brackets are very reliable or strong product. Consistent Easy to manage Resilient eSSL L- Bracket used for EM-LOCK SUPPORT on door . L-Bracket for Access Control Systems is Pole-to-pole and pole-to-wall connections made using anchor brackets secured with set screws.

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