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eSSL HANDHELD METAL DETECTOR-HM300 scan & Detector, Metal Detector



Technical Specification

Hand Held Metal detector : HM300

Product dimension: 340mm x 140mm x 30mm

Package Size: 360mm * 150mm* 50 mm

Working frequency: About 20 KHz

Alarms: sound (or vibration) and light

Power supply: Standard 9V battery or rechargeable battery(optional)

Power: 270mW

Battery: 9V Alkaline Battery (Rechargeable Optional)

Operation Frequency: <50mA

Operating Voltage: 7V – 9V

Operating Temperature: -10℃ to to +65℃

Net Weight: 180gm

Detection Range

1. Pin 35—70mm;

2. Type 64 pistol 220—250mm;

3. 6-inch dagger 200—240mm;

4. Diameter 20mm steel ball 150mm;

5. One ₹ coin 100—130 mm;

Main features

(1). Detection distance: Pistol: 90mm; Six Inches knife: 60m; Razor blades: 30mm; Pin: 10mm

(2). Self-calibrating: digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.

(3). Rugged, high-impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment.

(4). Large 10cm scan surface for quick, thorough scanning.

(5). No tools required to change standard 9V battery. Optional rechargeable battery kit

(6). Sharp audible alarm and LED light vibration indicate the detection of metal.

(7). Colour LED indication: Green LED power ON indicator; Red LED LOW BATTERY indicator; Red LED ALARM indicator; Green LED RECHARGING indicator.

(8). Adjustable sensitivity knob.

(9). Warranty: 12 months


Airports and Seaports, subway, Railway, Bus Station, Electronic Factory, Post Office, Government Buildings, Exhibition hall, Embassy, Police Station, Court, Prisons/Jails, High-end occasion, Military Bases, Hospitals, Banks, Financial Institutions, Colleges and Schools, Hotels and Casinos, Power plants, Research Sites, Sports Stadiums, Public Transportation, Warehouses, Broadcast Studios, Museums, Night Clubs, Secret Meetings and VIP member Security, Gymnasium, Commercial buildings, Ships, Security checkpoints, office building: 


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