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eSSL ES 250 Lock Accessory, Strike Lock & Bracket

eSSL ES 250


Technical Specification

Voltage Input: 12V DC

Current: 850 mA


Operating Temperature: 0° C - 55° C

Operating Humidity: 0% - 95%


Magnet (LxWxT): 500 x 42 x 25 mm

Armature (LxWxT): 80 x 38 x 11 mm

Anti-Rust Surface Treatment: Zinc Plating

Suitable for: Wooden door, Metal door

Safety: Fail Secure (NO)


Special, wide-mounted, concealed installation

Counter locking function with extended panel

90 degrees swinging door, suitable for metal door

Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bolt

Fail Secure (NO)

eSSL ES 250 An Electric Strike is an access control device used to lock and release doors. Electric Strikes are installed in or on the door frame and work in conjunction with mechanical door locks, on the principle of electronically controlling the rotation of the keeper.  In this configuration, applying power to the strike will cause it to unlock. The strike will remain locked in a power failure. However most access control systems are provided with backup batteries.

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