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Confio Appliances controller

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MRP: 0000
OUR PRICE: Rs-0000*

Technical Specification

Input Power Supply: 100VAC-240VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz
Wireless Networking: Z-Wave
Dimension: 45mm x 45mm x 16mm
Wireless Frequency: 865.22MHz for India. EU/USA Frequency available
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +65°C
Wireless Range: Up to 30m indoors Up to 50m Outdoor

Appliances: Fans, air-conditioners, fridges, and other utility appliances.

Appliance Control

On the way to home! Let our solution switch on the entrance lights, play your favorite music, and turn on your geyser for a hot shower. All this with one-touch of a button.

What you can control?

AC, Geyser, Coffee Maker, Switches, Fan, Washing machine and Plug