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Shipping & Returns

Q. What is the warranty period of your published brand?

A.  All our listed products comes with one year warranty on manufacturing defect (not cover physical damaged and burnt). No warranty on Power Supply, Adapter, Connectors and Cable. Only project series products comes with 2 years of warranty..

Q. What is the Procedure to get Warranty Services? Do you replace the faulty product Onsite?

A. You will get warranty services from Principle Company as per their terms and conditions. We send our entire branded product along with GST Bill to get warranty services. However, if you still face any issue to get warranty services locally then you can send faulty product to us and we will avail warranty services from Principle Company on the behalf of you and then we will courier to you as well. We provide one month free service for clients who buy and get installed product from us. Any service call beyond one month is paid if our service engineer visits to your place. No service charge will be taken during warranty period if client visits to our office with faulty product.

As far as Onsite warranty is concern, Principle Company do not provide onsite warranty.

Note: If you made AMC then please get contact us at  with details.

Q. How much time taken by Principle Company to provide warranty services?

A. Now a day, these companies take about 7-10 days to avail warranty services.


Q. If we received product in damaged condition or product is DOA (Dead on Arrival). Or, what solution you provide if product got faulty within 10 days of purchase.

A. We sell Genuine and Branded Products only. It comes in Manufacturer Safe Packaging and we take utmost care to deliver safely. But still you received in damaged condition then we provide repair/ replacement as per product availability and principle company input.

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