Hikvision has come up with new PIR detection cameras with following options:

PIR detection with Strobe light alarm, PIR detection Strobe light alarm and alarm output,

PIR detection Siren alarm, PIR detection siren alarm and alarm output .

These cameras work with AcuSense DVR which has inbuild AI which differentiate from non living objects from Human and vehicles.

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Now people wants to talk to their guest at door step via mobile phone when they are outside. IP based VDP solution provides such features.

Wireless network allows customer to avoid running LAN cable connection from POE Switch to Router.

Multiple 7-inch touch screen can be connected. If VDP is connected with electric lock then client can unlock the door from remote via mobile app.

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In today's Covid pandemic it is must for organizations to maintain Temp log of employees on daily basis for safety of employee and follow the Covid guidance lines.

eSSL TDM95E indoor USB Module used for Temperature detection. It can be used with Time & Attendance and Access control device as well. Here we have used Silkbio-101 TC for time & attendance purpose as well TDM95E to maintain regular Temp log against each employee. Logs can be viewed with the help of eSSL web based software..


USB Communication

Temp Measurement Distance - 3cm to 5 cm

Temp Measurement Range - 32.0 DC to 42.9 DC or 89.6 F to 109.22 F

Deviation - +/- 0.3 DC or +/- 0.54 F

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Covid-19 In_Out Logs
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