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"Choosing the Right IP Camera for Your Society, Apartment, or Office Lift: A Complete Guide"

Unprofessional & not at all suggested solution:

Below pic shows someone tried to implement wifi-using rotational home camera inside lift and solution is visible for you.

Lets understand the Demerits/ Disadvantage of the below solution :

  1. Whenever power comes and goes, the camera rotates automatically and it won't be fixed at a specified location if not installed properly.

  2. Anyone can steal the camera, easy to rotate.

  3. Wifi will not be available inside lift and you can't see the live monitoring of camera.

  4. Security is totally compromised when someone gets stuck inside the lift and you want to see and communicate with people inside the lift.

  5. Too much maintenance required.

Best Solution is a fixed lens camera as shown below :

The above solution is very well acknowledged and recommended by professional security solution provider companies.

Benefits :

  1. Fixed lens cameras-It does not rotate if power goes and comes back.

  2. No one can steal the camera.

  3. Live monitoring is available to security person.

  4. Very less maintenance required.

Type of solution available:

A) Wired setup: In this setup camera is installed in lift cab with flat cat6 cable and once wiring is done by lift company people , CCTV expert comes into picture to implement the remaining setup.

B) Wireless setup: In this setup camera is installed in lift cab with wifi access points Transmitter &recevier technology and complete setup is done by CCTV expert . No wiring is required hence it is cost effective.

For any technical support and soluition you can reach out to us at or call @ +91-9902670055.

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