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Building a new hotel or upgrading hotel rooms in an existing property and looking for a door lock solution then you have visited the right page, eSSL HL-100 LOCK is very smart and durable which allows hotels to perform essential management tasks quickly and easily. HL 100 is designed to secure hotel room doors against break-ins and unauthorized entry. This solution comes with HOTEL LOCK MIFARE CARD, ENCODER and ENERGY SAVING SWITCH. Mifare card is programmed for specific locks providing access to specific hotel rooms for specific duration. The Lock can be easily installed on 35-80mm thickness door. Superior material Stainless steel quality SUS304 is used for the body of the lock.

Our ongoing commitment to driving innovation ensures that hotels can meet new standards by providing their guests with a convenient and secure way to access their rooms, while also streamlining the check-in and check-out process for staff. With eSSL HL-100 Lock experience happier guests, better staff management and increase revenue.

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