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eSSL C3-100 Access Control, C3 Series

eSSL C3-100

C3 100.JPG

Technical Specification

Number of Doors Controlled: 1 Door

Number of Readers Supported:  2(26-bit wiegand reader) 

Types of readers supported: 26-bit Wiegand, others upon request

Number of Inputs: 2  (Exit Device and Door Status, AUX) 

Number of Outputs: 2 (1-From C Relay for Lock and 1-Form C Relay for Aux Output)

Card holders Capacity: 30,000

Log Events Capacity: 1,00,000

Communication: TCP/IP, RS-485 and WiFi optional  

Enclosure: Powder Coated Aluminium

Operating Humidity: 20% to 80%

Weight: 7.4lbs (3.35kg)

Mounting: Wall Mount

CPU: 32 bit 400MHz CPU  


Flash Memory:  128M

Recommended Power Supply: 12V DC, 1.5A

Operating Temperture: 0 - 45 °C

 Dimensions (Bundle Only): 15in.×3.15in.×11in. 
380mm(L) X 80mm(W) X 280mm(H)  

Dimensions ( Board Only): 6.3in.×4.17in. (160mm×106mm)   


256 time Zones, 256 access levels

Anti-pass back function

Interlock function , Linkage function

Multi-Card Opening function, Remote door opening and closing

Real-Time monitoring Via Web browser

1 auxiliary input may be connected to infrared body detectors, Fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.

1 auxiliary output may be connected to alarms, cameras, door bells etc.

Software and Database Supported :

Access Security System 3.5 ( Desktop 

Version) Database Type:- MS Access / MS SQL


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