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Can we reduce society maintenance cost by adopting Automated RFID based gate automation solution?

Updated: Apr 13

For any Gated Community below are common concerns

How can we stop entering non-residents’ vehicles in a society ?

How to stop Noise pollution near Entry and Exit gate ?

How to track In and out record of vehicles in a society ?

How to track water tanker or regular vendor vehicle entry and exit timings ?

All above questions are answered by one given below solution that is UHF RFID based gate automation system.

We place RFID Card reader near Entry & Exit gate along with parking boom barrier which opens and closes automatically whenever UHF Tagged vehicles come in the specified range of reader and vehicle movement & time gets registered.

This solution gives seamless entry to authorized residents ‘vehicle and keep a break on unauthorized vehicle. Boom barrier can be opened from remote button during guest entry.

Boom barrier comes with LED light which turns red when it is in closed state and green when open.

Boom barrier opens and closes within 6 seconds which helps to reduce the honking and prevents from noise pollution.

Can we reduce society maintenance cost by adopting Automated RFID based gate automation in a gated community ?

Yes, In any bigger society we always see there are 3-4 security guards at main gate to manage the entry of residents or visitor or delivery guys and specially one designated security guard day and night, two shift to open and close the gate, so with this solution you can save approx.. 30K per month , a cost of security guard and become a smart society. This solution is built for outdoor purpose hence requires very less maintenance.

If you would like to understand more about the solution for your society then please reach out to us at or call @ 9902670055.

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