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Are you worried of your pet crying when you are away from him/her ?

We have come up with an innovative solution to keep your pet happy while you are away..

It can be achieved via two way audio communication camera where you can talk to your pet as well as watch him/her from remote location.

Use case: Mr. Rajasekar Reddy from Koramangala , Bangalore reached out to us figuring out any good two way audio communication solution with video option, and they mentioned that they want to talk to their pet dog “SCOOBY” when they are away from him.

We understood the problem and had installed two way communication EZVIZ camera for the same. In initial 2-3 days it took some time for "SCOOBY" to find out from where the owner’s voice is coming from without seeing him around but after couple of days he started getting adjusted with this solution. Now Mr. Rajasekar sir goes out happily and having peace of mind.

This type of solution is applicable for pet day care center as well. Please contact us at or call us @ 91-9902670055.

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