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Key Pad Touch Screen Jeweller


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Key Pad Touch Screen Jeweller

Convenient Ajax system control

KeyPad TouchScreen combines security and smart home device management. An intuitive Ajax app-like interface and multiple language options make it an easy-to-use solution. The big display, DESFire and BLE technologies, and code options ensure a secure and efficient experience

Easily manage security for multiple groups. Users can view what's armed and make changes with just one touch whether it's securing one group, multiple groups, activating night mode, or arming facility. It's all simple and straightforward.

Easy group managementSecurity mode of each group is available on the screenManagement of night mode and security mode of the entire system

Three authentication methods

There are three easy ways to control the keypad, giving users the flexibility to choose what suits them best. All events display in the feed, including user activity and authentication details.

Contactless access devices

The Pass card and the Tag key fob are equipped with original DESFire® chips and feature the same functionality but different enclosures. You can choose the form that is convenient for you. One Tag or Pass can control 13 security systems. Access devices are sold separately in batches of 3/10/100 pieces.

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