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Hub Hybrid ( 2G )


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Hub Hybrid ( 2G )

Hub Hybrid is a game-changer among professional security systems. It is the first Ajax control panel supporting Jeweller and Fibra devices altogether. Wired and wireless technologies are combined to build complex protection regardless of facility size, steel, or concrete obstructions. Informative notifications, alarm photo verification, real-time system control from the app, and automation scenarios — all to enhance security.

More than two days on a backup battery

Hub Hybrid with a backup battery can power a system of 30 wired devices for 60 hours. Wireless devices are battery-operated and do not require additional power supply.

Physical protection of the line against break

Hub Hybrid features 8 lines and supports Ring connection topology — up to 4 rings in a hybrid security system. In the event of a line breakage, the ring splits into two working segments, devices continue to operate, and the system notifies a security company and users about the incident

Alarm photo verification in 9 seconds

Hub Hybrid supports MotionCam detectors. When triggered, detectors take a series of photos, helping to evaluate the situation at the facility. Visual verification helps you instantly assess the situation, saving users from concerns and security companies — from unnecessary dispatches.

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