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Dual Curtain Outdoor Jeweller


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Dual Curtain Outdoor Jeweller

Protecting property boundariesDualCurtain Outdoor controls your property perimeter without creating obstacles for people who are already inside. Two independent optical systems with narrow viewing sectors and flexible settings allow you to accurately adjust 30 meters of the detection zone, excluding possible sources of false alarms. The ELSA (Extended Live Signal Analysis) unique software reacts to intruders, screening out triggers like natural interferences and pets.

Two detectors in oneMasking sensorsUnique optical systemsFlexible settings of detection zones

DetectionEngineering accuracyOn the sides of the detector there are two optical systems with narrow viewing sectors, each equipped with two PIR sensors. Thanks to temperature compensation, detection is always accurate. Sensor signals are analyzed by our new ELSA digital algorithm. Only if two sensors of the same optical system simultaneously capture human motion, the detector activates an alarm.

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