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Ajax Wall Switch


Contact at +91-9902670055

Ajax Wall Switch

The device connects directly to the 110 V~/230 V~ source and closes/opens the circuit on command. The relay can handle loads of up to 3 kW, which is enough to connect a very power-hungry device. Thanks to WallSwitch, this feature of the device may become known — it displays power consumption in the Ajax app.

Protects devices against overcurrent and voltage surgesOperates in bistable or pulse modesAllows controlling electricity consumption


No extra effortConnecting WallSwitch to the hub takes less than a minute — it's enough to scan a QR code with the Ajax app. The miniature relay (39×33×18 mm) is easy to place in a recessed wall plate, the body of an electrical appliance, or an electrical panel with DIN Holder. A flexible external antenna ensures stable communication.

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