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Ajax vhf Bridge


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Ajax vhf Bridge

Instant alarm transmission without Internet

vhfBridge is a transponder that provides a hub with an additional channel to communicate with a monitoring station. With vhfBridge you can use Ajax systems in cities where Internet connection is unstable, in nature reserves, mountain and desert areas.Alarms and events of the system are transmitted via VHF radio waves over tens of kilometres1. vhfBridge can be used as a primary or a backup communication channel.

Elaborate autonomy

You can build in a 7 Ah backup battery inside a vhfBridge casing. It will feed a VHF transmitter with up to 2A current consumption. Therefore, the transmitter doesn't need to have a separate battery, which makes maintenance less frequent.In case of a power outage at a facility, the transponder and the transmitter operate on a backup battery for up to 75 hours4 while still transmitting events to a central monitoring station.

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