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Ajax Street Siren


Contact at +91-9902670055

Ajax Street Siren


Wireless siren with LED frame and piezoelectric buzzer. The device is designed for both outdoor and indoor installation

Has IP54 protection class. Operates in temperatures from -25°С to +50°С.Informs about alarms, delays, security mode changing and door openings.Operates up to 5 years on a pre-installed battery. Can be supplied from the 12 V⎓ backup power supply.

Operating principleStreetSiren responds to alarms and tampers triggering by activating the buzzer and LED frame in less than a second. The tamper button triggers when the enclosure is opened or broken, and the accelerometer triggers when somebody’s attempting to move or dismantle the siren

.FeaturesThe buzzer can be set to generate sound from 85 to 113 dB for an adjustable period from 3 seconds to 3 minutes, or it can be completely silent and respond only with LED indication. StreetSiren’s hermetically sealed body has been rated IP54 level of ingress protection

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