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Ajax LifeQuality


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Ajax LifeQuality

Ajax LifeQuality is a smart air quality monitor

Poor air quality threatens health and reduces productivity. It has been proven that high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) causes apathy and drowsiness and reduces the ability to make important decisions by more than 50%.LifeQuality is a smart air quality monitor with temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensors that helps evaluate air quality dynamics at home, in the office, workplace, or in any other space. Users get medical-grade measurement accuracy, comprehensive in-app information, and automation scenarios. An Ajax system with LifeQuality and automation devices turns on the ventilation or humidifier if the air quality indicators are differing comfortable.

LifeQuality requires Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus, or Hub Hybrid for operation. The device is also compatible with the ReX 2 radio signal range extender.

Room for manoeuvre

LifeQuality is easy to carry around, so you can monitor air quality in a hotel room, a friend's house, or even a moving car. LED indication will inform of dangerous air quality wherever you take the detector. Built-in memory allows saving measurements for up to 72 hours without communication with the hub or range extender. And when the connection is restored, all the data is sent to Ajax apps and synchronized with the charts.

  • LED indication

  • 72 h of the backup memory

  • Detailed in-app history

How CO2 affects productivity

Medical-grade accuracy inside

  • LED indicator

    There is no need to open Ajax apps to determine indoor air quality status. The LED lights up green, yellow, red, or purple depending on the CO2 level. All you need is one tap on the detector’s logo.

  • Enclosure

    Thought–out to the smallest detail, the enclosure reflects the placement of sensors inside and has an optimal system of openings for air ventilation. Available in white or black.

  • Temperature and humidity sensor

    SHT40 from Sensirion is a digital sensor from Swiss developers. The sensitive element is designed to work in difficult conditions, such as industrial facilities with a high condensation risk. SHT40 has a self-diagnosis mechanism and provides an accuracy of ±0.2°C for temperature and ±2% for humidity.

  • CO2 sensor

    Sunrise by Senseair is an optical NDIR sensor designed by Swedish developers. It measures carbon dioxide in the air directly without using mathematical models. With an average consumption of 45 μA, the sensor is energy effective and guarantees a minimum of 15 years of measurements with an accuracy of ±(30 + 3%) ppm.

  • Batteries

    Two pre-installed replaceable CR123A batteries provide up to 3 years of battery life without recharging the detector or connecting it to the mains.

  • SmartBracket

    The mounting panel is designed to easily fix the device on a flat surface without disassembling the enclosure. The detector can be removed from the panel with one move to take it with you. A built-in accelerometer notifies if the detector has been removed from the mounting panel or changed its position.

  • All-around installation with no wiresLifeQuality does not need recharging or plugging into a power outlet. With a 3-year battery life and no wires, the detector can be installed at any location on the wall or ceiling. Or even used inside a moving car. The batteries are replaceable, so after three years of operation the installer pops the new ones, and LifeQuality continues to operate as usual.

    Up to 3 years of battery lifeReplaceable batteriesDoes not require a power outlet

    Advanced microclimate automationLifeQuality is a part of the Ajax ecosystem and can interact with automation devices, users, and installers through Ajax apps. Scenarios based on LifeQuality indicators can control the microclimate in any room, giving a wide range of appliances to integrate. For example, wallswitch will turn on heating or ventilation when the specified indicator has reached the limit, and socket will turn off the humidifier when high humidity becomes uncomfortable.exceedingLifeQualityRelayVentilation

    Unique wireless technologiesThe Ajax system uses two-way secure radio communication based on Jeweller and Wings proprietary protocols. Radio protocols work in parallel and focus on their own function, guaranteeing instant data and delivery even with communication interruptions and a weak signal.Ajax wireless technology has up to 1,700 meters of radio signal communication range in an open space, making it on average longer than competing solutions from different manufacturers. Automatic power adjustment makes it energy efficient by not using the maximum power of radio transmitters in system devices on a regular basis. It is also more stable, using less noisy radio frequencies.Up to 1,700 meters of radio communication range with a hubEncrypted two-way radio communicationNotifications about jamming and connection loss

  • Scaled and comprehensiveThe ReX 2 range extender connects to the hub via radio and Ethernet using the wire as the additional communication channel. This allows covering the most complex objects like a multi-floor office with underground parking or a warehouse with several buildings. ReX 2 avoids obstacles and interference, doubling the radio communication range. Up to 5 range extenders can operate within one Ajax system to expand the network coverage to the stadium size.

    Up to 5 range extenders within one systemEthernet as an alternative communication channel

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