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TPlink is home wifi system

cloud based attendance for a company

essl cloud time & attendance solution helps companies to manage their employees daily/ monthly attendance without setting up any infrastructure at their end. Client only needs our eSSL Biometric system with Internet connectivity. Cloud setup helps companies to collect employees attendance data from multiple location without visiting to site. Secure Service Plus has an expertise in implementing cloud based biometric attendance solution for distributed locations.

Spintly-Wireless Access control

Spintly wifi access control solution

Mantra-Biometric-Fingerprint-Sensors- Mantra- Secure Service Plus - Bangalore

Mantra is constantly developing, creating more and more new video intercom models, outdoor panels and associated equipment. Well known specialists from all over the world – Germany, USA and many other countries work on the design of Mantra products. Mantra company’s specialists are always up to date with the latest trends of security market and do their best to satisfy all possible customer needs, using advanced tech solutions. Secure service plus is an authorized partner of Mantra in Bangalore.

eSSL Temperature Detection with Face Biometric-TDM95- Secure Service Plus - Bangalore

In today's Covid pandemic it is must for organizations to maintain Temp log of employees on daily basis for safety of employee and follow the Covid guidance lines. eSSL TDM95E indoor USB Module used for Temperature detection. It can be used with Time & Attendance and Access control device as well. Here we have used Silkbio-101 TC for time & attendance purpose as well TDM95E to maintain regular Temp log against each employee. Logs can be viewed with the help of eSSL web based software.

eSSL X990 Standalone Time & Attendance

eSSL X990 Standalone Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance System provides Time & Attendance as well as Access control feature. This device supports Push data technology for centralized time & attendance solution. Secure Service plus is an authorized essl dealer in Bangalore, India.


SilkBio-TC is face attendance machine which supports face , finger print and card for daily attendance. It supports door access control as well

Ajax Wireless security system

The most award-winning wireless security system in Europe. Ajax is smart, reliable, and lightning fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat and help prevent massive troubles. Connects devices up to 2,000 meters away. Get instant alerts with push notifications, SMS or phone calls. Stay updated with a full event log in the notification tab

Hikvision Camera Collection

Hikvision produce a vast range of CCTV cameras and equipment, including IP cameras, HD analog cameras, management and analytics software, alarm systems, and many other assistive surveillance equipment. Secure service plus an authorized Hikvision camera dealer in Bangalore. We are known security system service provider due to our professional service and support. Please contact us for cctv camera with installation price.

uface 302 biometric access control essl

Face Capacity 3000 Id Card Capacity 10,000 Fingerprint Capacity 2000 Transaction Storage 1, 00,000 Display 2.8-Inch TFT Screen

eSSL F22 Wi-Fi Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance Machine & Access Time Attendance Machine & Acce

eSSL F22 Wi-Fi Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance Machine & Access Control System -Secure service plus

“Very professional and have to appreciate their quality work much within the turn around time. Same time, they are very accommodative. Nice to have associated with these young professionals.”

- Mr. Rahul  from Loanzen - 


“We had faced  an issue with Bio-metric  device as well as the software after the system got corrupt. They were quite helpful in resolving the issue especially Miss. Shilpa & her manager. Thanks. Would recommend Secure Service Plus .”

 - Head of Operations at 

 Fewdot Creative  Solution Pvt. Ltd -

“On time and excellent service by the technical  team and Business owner. Good product with excellent service. I will suggest Secure Service Plus as One stop solution provider for all IT and Security Services . Looking forward for long term relationship .”

 - Shabbir Alam, Assistant Director at Golden Bag Technology Private Limited- 

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