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Button Jeweller

Data-rich alarms. Lightning-fast commandsButton immediately notifies an alarm monitoring company about the intrusion, gas leak, or fire. Moreover, it can request help and inform relatives about a sudden health deterioration in just one click.In

panic mode, the device supports one of 8 types of events. The type of event determines the alarm code sent to the security company monitoring station and the notification text received by the user. This ensures an accurate response to the threat.Moreover, Button can manage smart home appliances by activating scenarios with a single or double clicks.

Panic modePress the panic button to instantly call a security company patrol and alert all the system users about the danger.Raise an alarmA detached house. The sound of a broken glass and unfamiliar voices wake up the owners in a middle of the night. Instead of grabbing a bat they press the Button to let the security patrol deal with the thieves.

Call for reinforcementA security guard patrols the area. Someone grabs him from behind and covers his mouth. The guard can’t call for help — a tough situation. But one click of a panic button sends the reinforcement his way.

Prevent a robberyA burglar demands to put the money in a bag. The cashier opens the cash register with a panic button obediently. His fingers discreetly press the Button to raise a silent alarm. The robber will not leave the store with cash.

Protect childrenThe doorbell rings. A stranger insists on letting them in. The kids are home alone. They know that they should not open the door and immediately press the Button. Ajax system simultaneously triggers the siren and alerts the parents along with the security company.

Minimize fire damageWhen it comes to a fire emergency, every second counts. Button allows people to raise a fire alarm early on: when they notice sparking wires or smell something burning. Even before fire detectors are triggered.Report a gas leakIf Button works in gas alarm mode, it allows to simultaneously notify an alarm monitoring company, gas service, and other users of the system about the leak.

Auxiliary alarm buttonClip Button to a string or mount it by the bed of a person whose health condition requires constant monitoring. One click requests an assistance.

Control modeTurn off the lights, switch on home appliances, lower the roller blinds or open the gate with a single click. Configure various actions with a short or long press of a button.Automate routine actionsClick Button as you close the shop for night. It’s located right by the entrance door so you can avoid wearisome routine. Switch off the house lights, shop-window illumination and all of the signs simultaneously. Next morning, click once again to prepare your business for welcoming the new customers.Open gatesFix Button on a dashboard to control the gates from your car. Intruders won’t be able to simulate the Button’s signal with a code grabber.Lock windows and doorsPress Button once to activate the house-fortress mode: lower the roller blinds and activate all the electric locks. Press and hold to switch on the night lighting.Show the wayInstall the Button by the child's bed so they can easily turn on the dimmed lighting on the way to the bathroom or the parent's bedroom.

Without false alarmsThe body of Button is designed to prevent accidental pressing even if you sit or lay on it. To further prevent false alarms you can set Button to react only on double-click or long-press1.

Guarantees alarm deliveryAjax panic button communicates with a hub using Jeweller radio protocol on a distance of up to 1300 m. Once it delivers an alarm, you’ll see a green blink. Jeweller encrypts all of the transmitted data. In case of signal interference or radio jamming, Ajax system switches the radio frequency and notifies you as well as the security company about the situation.Signal range up to 1,300 mCommand delivery confirmationEncryption with a dynamic keyFrequency hopping

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