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Ajax DIN Holder


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Ajax DIN Holder

Thought out to detail

DIN Holder helps securely mount Relay or WallSwitch on a DIN rail. It can be installed in a junction box, server cabinet, or electrical panel. A sticker set is included to mark which device or circuit the relay controls.

Convenient size

DIN Holder with the installed relay has the same width as a single-phase circuit breaker

Manual controlDIN Holder casing has a built-in button to control the power supply manually: press it to change the state of the contacts to the opposite in bistable mode, and change the state for the time specified in the settings in the pulse mode.

No overheatingOther circuit breakers next to DIN Holder will not cause problems.Openings in the casing provide passive ventilation, and the relay is ready to operate in temperatures up to +60°C.

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